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Smile! It's Preventable
Smile! It's Preventable

Our Team

We are a small passionate team of professionals focused on the concept of prevention and gentle treatments

creating healthy smiles that last a lifetime. 

Lisa Meredith

Clinical Director, Dental Hygienist & Co-owner

Your Smile's Best Friend!
Introducing Lisa, our Dental Hygienist and Co-owner at SMOOCH! With over 20 years of industry expertise and a genuine passion for patient care, Lisa is dedicated to providing an awesome experience for everyone who walks through our doors.
Born and raised in the UK, Lisa's journey in dentistry began as a dental assistant, where she honed her skills across various specialties. Graduating from Otago University in 2007, she has been a leading hygienist in a large corporate dental organisation for 15 years.
Lisa's approach? Building genuine, long-term relationships with her patients. Her focus on preventing and treating oral diseases shines through her work, alongside mentoring new graduates entering the field.
As a registered Oral Health Practitioner, Lisa's commitment to excellence is unwavering. She's always seeking ways to enhance her skills, especially in dento-facial health, ensuring each patient receives personalised care.

At SMOOCH, Lisa's ultimate goal is simple: to make you feel good about your visit and even better about your smile.

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Dr Lois Neville

Facial Aesthetics Clinician

Dr Lois has been practicing general dentistry for nearly 10 years. She is passionate about educating her patients on how to preserve their teeth and gums, as these are the foundations of a healthy smile and glowing skin. She has special interests in orthodontic treatments and her most recent  achievement has been training with and joining AADFA, (Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics). 

As a qualified dentist with AADFA certifications, Dr Lois’ experience ticks all of the boxes when it comes to administering facial aesthetic treatments with precision. Dentists have advanced training in facial anatomy, so Dr Lois has a wealth of knowledge about the bone structure, nerves and muscles of the face in a way that will achieve the best and safest results for her patients. 

Honing these skills, she assesses faces holistically, with a keen eye for balance and harmony between the teeth, lips and surrounding facial structures. Aesthetic treatments are often the “cherry on top” and Dr Lois invites her patients on a journey, so that treatments can be tailored based on different phases of life. 

Her gentle manner and love for a laugh create a comfortable environment for aesthetic consultations and treatment, making all patients feel heard and at ease. 
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Practice Management

Managing the business to make dental hygiene and facial aesthetics accessible to more Kiwis

George Bayley - Managing Director

George Bayley

Managing Director and Co-Owner

Meet George, a man of many talents and passions. Who loves to dabble in various fields and explore new horizons. From cooking to piano playing, from gardening to finances, there's nothing he can't do. George can be found exploring the great outdoors, he loves hiking, camping, and discovering new place of interest. 

Despite his many interests, George is a down-to-earth and approachable person. He loves to share his knowledge and skills with others and is always willing to lend a helping hand. 

George is our 'go to' person for advice and with his infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude, he's sure to brighten up your day.

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