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Smile! It's Preventable
Smile! It's Preventable

"Welcome to dental care with a difference!"

We provide affordable Dental Hygiene & Facial Aesthetics in a relaxing spa-like environment.

Discover a modern, relaxing, and all-about-you dental experience at SMOOCH

Opening in August at Ravenswood Central, North Canterbury - taking appointments now or save with a Club SMOOCH membership

Experience spa-like hygienist care

Luxurious treatment chairs, personal headphones, and Apple TV, ensure a soothing  spa-like experience during your visit.

Affordable plans

at just $1/day, offering affordable dental hygienist 
services and more.

Enjoy a gentle treatment

Our state-of-the-art,  Swiss technology 
ensures your dental hygienist visits feels more like  a 
gentle spa for your mouth than  
traditional teeth cleaning.

Embrace our holistic approach

Your mouth is the gateway to overall health. Our dental hygienist services focus on  the interconnection 
between oral health and your 
overall well-being.


We believe that you should get the best care for your teeth without breaking the bank. That's why we’ve created Club SMOOCH. You can choose from three different dental hygiene plans and pay either once a week or once a month. 

For just $1 a day, Club members on our Bronze plan can enjoy two hygiene appointments per year!

Our Services

Dental Hygiene

Prioritising your oral health prevents a multitude of systemic health problems. Regular visits to a dental hygienist maintains optimal teeth and gum health, enhancing your overall health and well-being. Experience our pleasant cleaning method with  'Guided Biofilm Therapy', for healthier teeth and gums that look and feel great!

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Teeth Whitening

Enhance your smile with our teeth whitening services. Discover the popular choice for a vibrant appearance that may help boost your confidence. Book a consult today for brighter, whiter teeth.


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Facial Aesthetics

We offer consultations for a variety of cosmetic services to understand your wants versus anatomical needs based on clinical photos and facial examination. Each consultation aims to help you understand your face and treatment possibilities for a natural look. Treatment plans are tailored over time to achieve holistic results while managing your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dental Spa?

Discover the unique experience of SMOOCH Dental Spa, where dental and facial aesthetics merge. Unlike traditional dental practices, our team of experienced dental professionals, and facial aesthetics experts offer comprehensive care including teeth cleaning, scaling, polishing, and 
preventive dental treatments. Beyond dental care, we specialise in facial aesthetic services like muscle relaxers and Hyaluronic Acid fillers, all 
within a relaxing yet professional medical environment. Whether you're aiming to enhance your smile, reduce wrinkles, or boost your natural 
beauty, SMOOCH provides the ideal solution. 
What does Dental Hygiene Cost?

We're dedicated to ensuring your teeth receive the best dental care without the financial strain, which is why we’ve created Club SMOOCH offering affordable membership plans. Starting at $1 a day, select from 2 to 4 appointments annually, paid either in weekly or monthly instalments. It’s a small investment for significantly better dental health. 

- A New patient Consultation (Exam, Scale & Polish') will cost NZ$229.00.
- A Regular Hygiene maintenance appointment will cost NZ$179.00.

Do I need a dentist's referral?

The answer is simple: No! We welcome everyone – whether you have a regular dentist, haven't visited one in a while, or are seeking dental hygiene or aesthetic treatments for the first time. 

Should you require further dental care, we are connected with a network of dental professionals in Christchurch, Rangiora and Kaiapoi areas. 

Plus, if you're already registered with a dentist, we will coordinate with them to ensure seamless care.

What does dental care mean?

Dental care is to maintain healthy teeth, gums, and other oral structures. It includes daily brushing and flossing, expert check-ups and cleanings, and treatments for cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss. Good dental care is essential for overall health because issues in the mouth affect the body. The ability to eat, speak, and socialise freely depends on it, making it vital to personal well-being. Avoid oral problems and maintain a great quality of life with regular dental hygiene visits.

Our Vision

Transforming Oral Health Care in New Zealand. We are on a mission to revolutionise how Kiwis approach their oral health care — making it fun, easy, affordable, and most importantly, focused on prevention. We understand the anxiety and financial worries often come with dental visits. That’s why we're dedicated to offering innovative treatment methods in a relaxed, professional environment aimed at preventing dental issues before they start. We believe in personalised oral health services that meet the unique needs of every individual. Moreover, SMOOCH is committed to giving back, supporting our local communities through partnerships with groups that assist those in need. Join us in our vision to make a positive change in oral health care, overall health, and well-being across New Zealand.


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